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Description of the local project in Gentofte
The project, applying to kindergarten children, the employees in kindergartens, the parents to children in kindergartens, pedagogical advisers and decision-makers, got started in January 2008, and will run until the autumn 2009.
  Decription of the IBAF partner
IBAF gGmbH is the Institute for vocational and advanced vocational training in the Social and Health Service in the north of Germany (Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein). It cooperates with one of the leading associations of non-governmental welfare work – the “Diakonie” and has 28 years competence in developing and organising training and further education.
mPc activities in Hungary October 2008
Exhibition in Nagykovácsi – 10th october 2008.
The invitationcard Trebag organized an exhibition based on the photos taken by the children of the two involved kindergartens.
  mPc in Olot
We are from Olot, the capital of the Garrotxa region and belongs to Girona´s province. It is a small town that has a population of  about 33,000 inhabitants. It´s a plain sorrounded of volcanoes and mountains.
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The mPc project is organised partly by transnational coordinating, transnational experiences exchange, and transnational collaboration about developing these above mentioned new ways to do pedagogical work with ict and media and materials about this. At the same time the individual participating institutions will being collaborating with kindergartens local area.
  Videoes from mPc partners
Here is 30 minutes of video-documentation of the work the mPc partners are doing.
Please notice that some of the videoes are in Danish!




Project info
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