This page is a translation of the paper given to the kindergartens in the municipality Gentofte interested to be a local partner.
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mPc Gentofte

Media Playing Communities (mPc) is an EU project with participation from Hungary, Romania, Spain, Austria, Germany, UK, Italy and Denmark. There are two participants from Denmark, and it is the Multimedia-team from Social and Health College in Aarhus and Knowledge Centre for ICT and Learning (KCIL), from University College of Copenhagen. The participants in the EU project are independent organisations who run kindergartens and partly educational establishments.

The project, applying to kindergarten children, the employees in kindergartens, the parents to children in kindergartens, pedagogical advisers and decision-makers, got started in January 2008, and will run until the autumn 2009.

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The project idea

Most children today have access to countless different electronic media, and by the time they are through with nursery school, they have already entered into a discourse about their encounters with and use of media like Gameboys, computers, and mobile phones. Not all children have direct access to these electronic toys, yet they learn about them nonetheless through stories from older siblings and other children in the nursery as well as through their parents’ fascination with “new electronic toys.” This has led to the integration of these media into childlore at an early stage, as evidenced by the many games concerning and toys imitating mobile phones, laptop computers, and so on.

At the other side, the electronic media is not very important in pedagogical work. For that reason the basic idea in the project is to develop new ways to work pedagogical with ict and media in kindergartens, specially based on the playing aspect. At the same time it is the intention to develop new teaching materials for the employees in kindergartens and the parents to children in kindergartens, so they will be able to tackle the children’s great fascination by ict and other new media.

KCIL s tasks in the mPc project

The mPc project is organised partly by transnational coordinating, transnational experiences exchange, and transnational collaboration about developing these above mentioned new ways to do pedagogical work with ict and media and materials about this. At the same time the individual participating institutions will being collaborating with kindergartens local area.

KCIL take part in the coordinator meetings, where the participants meet to coordinate the national activities and to make plans for the transnational activities. Furthermore KCIL has some tasks in the transnational project, we especially will bring into focus. KCIL have the responsibility for a thirty-minute documentary video, which has to document the project work in eight participating countries. KCIL has to take part of the developing guidance’s for the local mPc groups and teaching materials for the employees in kindergartens and the parents to children in kindergartens, develop a design for evaluation and participate   in research activities in relation to the project.

The other part of the project is the national part, where each participating collaborate with local kindergartens or similar institutions develop media playing communities, which is to establish environments in and about kindergartens, where children and adults will be able to learn about and play with ict and media.

Writing about kindergartens means that we will support the establishment of a collaboration (a mediaplaying community) where children from the exchange products, has common projects about the use of media with other kindergartens, schools, cultural institutions or companies i the local area.

The local project group

In KCIL we have set up a project group including five precipitants with different competences in the field of media pedagogical.

The group precipitants are:

  • Steen Søndergaard, Senior Lecturer in pedagogy and senior consultant in the Knowledge Centre. Has in many years worked with children and ict. Holds among other courses in Play with ict, Children and computer games and The computer as a creative tool.
  • Frank Støvlebæk, seminarieteacher, teach media in Copenhagen Socialpedagogical Seminarium. He has in many years teach future preschool teachers and social educators in the use of video as a pedagogical tool.
  • Per Roth, in-service course coordinator, has in many years worked with ict and virtual learning, and has in many years been initiator of different ict and media projects.
  • Jakob Mathiasen, Senior Lecturer in Danish language and literature. Teach the subject Danish, communication and culture at the preschool teacher training college and the subject Danish language and literature in the preparation course for refugees and immigrants in Højvangseminariet. Holds among other courses in use of pictures as an alternative communication method.
  • Helle Delff, Lecturer in Danish language and literature. Teach the subject Danish, communication and culture at the preschool teacher training college and the subject Danish language and literature in the preparation course for refugees and immigrants in Højvangseminariet. Holds among other beginner courses in ict for employees in kindergartens.

Furthermore it is possible that students from Københavns Socialpædagogiske Seminarium and / or Højvangseminariet will contribute to the project.

What we can offer 2 or 3 Danish kindergartens

When KCIL has made a  arrangement with a kindergarten to join the project, we can offer visits in the kindergarten, where we will play with ict and media with the children and the adults, we offers education and guidance of the staff about use of and play with ict and media, we offers participation in a virtual network on the homepage and we offers  a few children, parents and employees participation in one of two transnational meetings. Final we offers support and guidance to establishing locale medieplaying network where kindergarten children will be part of a virtual collaboration with other institutions or companies in the local area, e.g. other kindergartens, schools, libraries or something like that.

The visits in the kindergartens

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An essential part of the project is, that KCIL attend direct in mediaplay together with the children and adults in the kindergarten. The purpose of the mediaplay is to show children and adults, how these new media can be used in old games, how new games will spring up with new media and how to involve the use of these new media in the everyday pedagogical work. At the same time KCIL wants to collect experiences from how mediaplay take place in kindergartens.

KCIL has the possibility to bring necessary equipment, but we will like to have access to the equipment the kindergartens have at their disposal. We will arrange with the kindergartens how many visits we will do, when it suits into the kindergartens other plans. At the visits we will do different photo-, ict- and video activities together with the children. The number of children who will take part of the different activities negotiates with the staff, and will depend on the schedules in the kindergarten.

Training of the staff

KCIL offers general ict- og media training of the staff, with this intention that the staff will be able to take an active part of the activities we do with the children. At the same time the aim of the training af the staff is to make them able to continue the media activities them self.  

The training will take place in the kindergarten or in one of the other kindergartens in the project. The management of the kindergarten decides if the courser gives to the whole staff or only to a part of the staff who have to do the media playing. The kindergarten and KCIL makes an arrangement about the extension of the courses.

mPc has an homepage at, hvor der i løbet af projektperioden vil blive etableret forskellige muligheder for at netværke på tværs af grænserne. På siden vil der i første omgang blive mulighed for, at børnene kan udveksle tegninger, men i løbet af projekt perioden vil der blive arbejdet på at udvikle nye teknologier eller udvikle de allerede eksisterende teknologier til at lave et interaktivt univers for børnehavebørn, som det vi i voksenverdenen kalder for web2.


On this website it is also possible for partners and staffs in the local kindergartens are able to exchange ideas about media play with children. Each of the jugglers balls symbolize the different partners in the project. There are two danish falgs, because there are two danish partners.

Fore now the website is an epmty shell, but continuously there will be new materials composed in collaboration with the staffs in the local kindergartens in the light of their experience with mediaplay.

Transnational mobility

The project will be held twice as two transnational mobility meetings where individual children, parents and educators from the participating institutions can participate in a joint media play and exchange of experience. These two meetings are scheduled for 22nd - 25 September 2008 in Graz, Austria, in Udine, Italy and 4th - 7 May 2009 in Cornwall, England and in Aarhus, Denmark.

At present it has not yet been decided, whether in the first round of meetings we will attend the meeting in Graz or Udine, and in the second round of meetings we will attend the meeting in Cornwall or Aarhus.

It is expected that there will be room for an average of one child with one parent per session, and as a starting point in the EU projects only possible to obtain grants for a part of the trip. The size of this subsidy depends on the number of participants what will be sent to the trans-national meetings.

Lokale ”medielegs fællesskaber”

As the name implies, the project is also designed to work to establish local "media play communities" with the kindergarten as the centre. The idea is that virtual network can be established, where children in kindergarten can share drawings, pictures or similar parts with other local individuals, parents, schools and other day care centers, cultural institutions or local businesses.

The way these virtual networks can operate, will be developed during the project.

What is expected from the participating kindergarten?

Above is written what Knowledge Centre for Ict and Learning can offer in a collaboration and which funds and resources that comes from the transnational project.

To be a local partner it will be expected, that the kindergarten has the possibility to:

  • give access to research
  • deliver employees for education
  • give response on partial developed teaching materials
  • give access to test new ict- and mediaplay together with children
  • involve ict- and mediaplay in the daily  ordinary pedagogical work
  • interested in transnational contacts
  • have a positive wide support to the project from the management
  • have a camera, video and / or computer, the children has access to

Steen Søndergaard
Knowledge Centre for Ict and Learning
Univercity Colledge UCC, Copenhagen
Ejbyvej 35
DK-2740 Skovlunde
Tlf: +45 7020 2840

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