mPc activities in Hungary October 2008

Exhibition in Nagykovácsi – 10th october 2008

Trebag organized an exhibition based on the photos taken by the children of the two involved kindergartens:

  • Kispatak Nursery in Nagykovácsi
  • Török Béla Hardof Hearing, Pre-school, Budapest

Exhibition in Nagykovácsi

The invitationcard


constructing stories

The Török Béla Pre-school received a packet of photos on cards, selected from the photos  previously taken by the children. The children were divided into two groups and were asked to put the cards in order as they wished so that it can make a story. Based on the two identical stocks of photos the two groups created two different stories with different orders. Both tabloids were exhibited

Pre-activities:  giving titles to photos'

The children were asked to use their imagination and give titles to the selected photos they had previously taken.

Deliberately the pictures selected were mainly with less concrete content: obscure, ambiguous images etc.

More titles could be given to the same pictures.

The Exhibition

The exhibition was opened by the vice-mayor of Nagykovácsi

There were a lot of visitors at the opening as well as the following two weeks

Articles written by local authorities were published in the local newspapers

The local TV broadcasted the video on the opening ceremony

Exhibition in Nagykovácsi




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