Review of Picasa

Start by importing your images to the program.

In the main library, press Import, and then you come to import the menu.
Here, press the select unit.
You can choose to import from the CD drive, a acanner or from a folder. Now there is a menu asking you about which pictures, and from which folder on your computer you want to use them.

For example you can press the Ctrl key and hold the mouse clicking on the pictures you want to use
Or you can select all, press import all.
You can now choose to omit a couple of pictures. Those who omitted are shown with a red cross. When you have selected the pictures you need, press the exit button in the right corner.


The library is the menu that starts,    every time you go into Picasa.
To the left you find a menu, where you can navigate through all the folders
With pictures located on your computer. If you click on one of the folders all pictures from the folder will be shown and a double-click on one of the pictures takes you to all the editing options.
(small versions of photos)
Here you can see all your pictures you have in various folders on your computer.
If you right-click one of the pictures you can e.g. open, move and delete pictures.


Using the "simple improvements"

By crop, you can select the portion of the image you want to use and delete the rest.
If the picture seems slanting, you can fix it up with the toiler on which the red arrow pointing to

Red Eye
When you enter the red-eye menu, the text tells you exactly what you really need to do
I'm Feeling Lucky
A typical Google tease function ... It just makes you choose a random command when you click on it.
Auto Contrast
This feature sharpen the picture
Auto Colour
This program automatically makes the colours more lifelike
Fill Light
If you take a picture which has suffered too much shade, this function in and makes the shadow areas a little brighter and clearer.
You use wear offender to correct how much of the fields must be lightened up



Here you can adjust your image, instead of the program automatically makes it

24png If the picture is very dark, it can help to adjust  a bit here
Highlights give your image a kind of spotlight glow
Shadows give your image a darker tinge
Colour Temperature give either a very cold or warm glow in the colour of your picture
Here regret you if you're doing something wrong



Here you can really play with the picture and make your image to a small piece of art.
Some of the commands are called slides as we have mentioned earlier.
You can always undo if you're doing something wrong by pressing undo the bottom


Image Tray

You use the image tray as an easy way to collect all your pictures and such as mail or print them.
You simply press the Ctrl key on your keyboard, use the mouse and click at all the pictures you need. This method brings all the selected photos in the Photo Tray down in the left corner of the screen.
When you select the pictures you need, you can now print or mail them



Picasa makes it easy and fun to write off. There are many print-ment opportunities.
Here, you choose how the page you commit it to be. F example multiple pictures at once, or a full page images .
How many number of pictures you want to print, select here


Export to Folder

Now you're about to be finalized.
To conclude, you export your images back to the folder you created in the beginning.
Touch exports down in the right corner of the main library
Now, the menu "Export to Folder" pops up on the screen.
The image size makes it possible so you can change the size of your photos. If you use the tread offender and increase the number of pixels in the image, there will be two versions of your files in the folder. The original size and the new.
You are done and can enjoy your newly edited images.




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