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Photography inspiration

Quality of images

Image 1

  • This presentation is not a question of right or wrong
  • Beautiful or ugly
  • But some simple guidelines to take a good picture



Image 3

  • No photos can hold the whole truth
  • Therefore it is important to find details that can hold the rest of reality
  • This section of a bicycle offers fine the rest of the cycle
  • Here is another example in addition to rich colours perfectly fine offers the atmosphere, which is at a port berth

Image 4


Image 5

  • You can not call a child of a detail
  • But the picture shows a good segment of a human
  • This snapshot is emotionally telling a good story



  • The more elements in your photo make it more difficult it to get through with your message
  • This image is quite minimalistic
  • Could also be used the advertising industry
  • With its simplicity and beauty aesthetics

Picture 6


Image 7

  • Another example of simplicity and depth



Picture 8

  • In order to "cheat" the eye to sense the depth there is in the picture lines are a good tool

Picture 9


Picture 10

  • This picture shows clearly how easy
  • Lines in a photo creates depth in the picture
  • When a car, a train or a bicycle photographed in a curve gives the picture more life

Picture 11



Frame Blast

Picture 13

  • Every picture is characterized by a frame
  • This limits the story you want to tell

Here, it appears, how the frame is broken




  • It goes without saying that there will be more life in a picture if you change the perspective
  • Lines and depth have other dimensions if you take his photograph from new and unexpected angles

Picture 14


Picture 15

  • Taking the picture from below and up, it is called worn’s eye view.
  • The second way from up to down is called a bird's eye view

Picture 16



Third Second Rule

  • The thirdhelp’s rule means to compose the picture, if one divides his picture in thirds, you can move around in the subject areas so the picture is more vibrant

Picture 17


Picture 18


Picture 19




  • All images are subjective and consist of a choice as the photographer is making.
  • So nothing is right or wrong
  • But telling the story in its own way but if the viewer must "understand" the message, you may make you think about how you compose your picture
  • These guidelines should be a help to do this




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