Ideas to play "catch me if you can"

Point out a special part of the body which should be “caught” on a photo, e.g. the nose, the ears… of all children. Print the pictures or see them on a screen with the question: “whose nose is this?”.

2 children with 2 cameras are in the middle

“Catch” the whole body with a photo, print the pictures out and do a collage out of it. Let the children take pincers to cut body parts out of the photos and adhere it to a big paper: the new media kid.

The children running around are special animals, e.g. mousse – changing in other animals the children in the middle say to the others, like: “now elephants”.

The children who is “out” because of being “caught” changes the role with the photographer in the middle.

The children running around do specials like the one in the middle say: they bounce or run or crawl or....

The play is that the one in the middle is the “hunter”, the others are “hares”.

The play is being combined with music. When the music stops, all children must stop moving (and so can easily be “caught”). When the music starts again they are allowed to move again.




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