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Local mPc project in Cabanes, Spain

This page is an excerpt from a presentation made by Petra Vlasman, who was one of the participants from Cabanes, Spain on mobility mPc meeting in Udine in Italy. The site is a presentation of a project made in Cabanes as part of the local Spanish mPc. The project is called "Our village".

The images on the page and parts of the text is taken from the presentation, but you can see the presentation by downloading the attachment .pps file and you can see and hear Petra Vlasman's paper, click the following picture.

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Petra tell about the project in Cabanes - Click to watch!

First slide in the presentation
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Petra Vlasman during the presentation
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Petra Vlasman is an artist, and teach photography work with children (4 to 8 years) who are interested in learning more about photography and likes to play with images.

The main purpose of her workshop in Cabanes has been: to feel happy with the magic box, called a "camera", to learn and observe critically and to encourage creativity and self expression.

Our project

Cabanes is a small village with 900 inhabitants in the north-eastern Catalonia, Spain. Our institution was reopened 3 years ago and is part of a group of village schools. There are 40 children aged 3 to 8 years in our institution.

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Through the last third of last working year, the teachers/parents association and a photographer developed a project where the children studied the village, which they observed and learned to know in a new and different light.

A digital camera was used as the main tool for carrying out their exploration.

Historical and interesting places

Digital camera was used by children on their trip through the village Cabanes, to document historic and interesting places. And the children took pictures of different private houses in the village, and public places.

Here you can see some example pictures taken by the children:

Billede 10

Hidden places

In Cabanes they came up with playing "Find the hidden places". The play consists a group of children finding "hidden locations" in the village and take a picture of it. Then another group of children see these pictures, after which they head into the village to find the spot where the picture is taken. Once they've found the right spot, they take a different picture of the place.

Here you can see some example pictures taken by the children:

Billede 13

Play with mirrors

In Cabanes they also got the idea that it might be fun to photograph themselves in a mirror image. This developed into more games, including photographs in mirrors and with mirrors.

Here you can see some example pictures taken by the children:


Billede 17

Play with lights, reflections and positions

In Cabanes they also played with light reflections and to place the picture, so it seems that something different is going on than what you offhand think. They took pictures through jugs with water, leading to the image reflected, so it seemed like there was more scenes than really was. The two pictures in a dark room, while they moved light sources quickly, and they took pictures of children on the ground, and took up their positions as it looked as if they were photographed against a wall.

Here you can see some example pictures taken by the children:

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