The hole in the paper

This is a cheap and simple game in which each child should be handed over a piece of paper or cardboard, where there hole as a rectangle similar to the shape of a finder or a picture.

The hole in the paper

This game is about learning of proportions. Learning that things are changing according to what comes in the frame. At the same time, children can play something about zooming by moving the paper with a hole closer to or further from the eye.
Now the children can walk around and see the world through a camera. "With this paper they can see world of choice and rejections of motives, because they choose to see the world is in the frame, and exclude it is outside. Dette giver god anledning til at tale med børnene om, at det man ser, ikke altid er den hele sandhed. This provides a good opportunity to talk with children about that one sees is not always the whole truth.

The play can be developed, so the cardboard will be bigger, and it can be changed to a form where the example is combined with a cap, so we can see something out searches the hole. Now it can suddenly become difficult to find one’s way, and one can develop and play catch guide games.




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